Ministry Resources & Tips

I have had the opportunity to meet with so many women’s ministry leaders across the country– whether it was at the forum, when I spoke at an event or just online–I have been asked lots of questions about different things pertaining to ministry and so I thought it would be cool to add a page to this blog that could be devoted to ministry resources and tips. If you have a great idea of something that worked well at your church or you have a question then post a comment and we can all chime in. There is much wisdom to be found (so get out your shovel and start digging thru your mind to find it:)

If we start getting lots of ideas and posts then we can organize them for convenience sake..but until then let’s just put our heads together and share those things the Lord lays on our hearts:)

This page is just a forum to encourage women to read thru the ideas I find or write personally. You need to go back to the main page and look under the category “Ministry Resources & Tips” to find what is available and to leave any comments you have…and please make some comments and spread the word for others to check us out.

Thank you for taking the time and effort to minister to women!


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