In Our Shoes…

It is finally here! In Our Shoes…real life issues FOR ministers’ wives BY ministers’ wives the Bible study that Jennifer and i have been working on for –well it seems like forever–is finally published and is available in Lifeway stores or online at Check out the blog set up specially for discussing the study and asking questions related to it at

Its our prayer that God will use this to encourage and equip wives in ministry everywhere:)


12 responses to “In Our Shoes…

  1. that is wonderful…that you and Jennifer wrote together… I am sure that God will use it to minister to ministers wives.

  2. I wanted to start a group of minister’s wives support group. I thought this would be a great way to study and encourage one another.

  3. I am doing “In Our Shoes” with my friend who is also a Ministers wife and we both are LOVING it.. Thank you for the thought provoking, encouraging Bible study for wives of Ministers to the Gospel..

  4. I am a fellow minister’s wife who was at the BGCO “In our shoes” Minister’s wives retreat in October. You both were so transparent and God inspiring..Thank you for your hearts of ministry to fellow sisters on the same journey. I was so moved by the prayer time we had Friday night and how you used the shoes as examples of our lives and spiritual lives. I was wondering if you can send me a copy of that prayer time, I am wanting to do something similar but not exactly the same and needed a starting point. Thank you again for your ministry!! Be blessed!!!

    • Jessica..i just saw this again and im not sure i ever replied to you???did I? if not i am so sorry and please dont hate me also if you send me your email and want me to send you the word doc i created for the prayer time i can:)

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  6. Hi Rachel, I am part of an organization of Minister’s Wives and Widow Council. We have been studying your book for the past several months. Each month a different person has been assigned a chapter this month my assignment is Double Knotted. Do you have a ny tips to pass on.

  7. Hi Rachel, I would like to do this study with a group of Army Chaplain’s wives. Would you please let me know about bulk orders? We have about 20 spouses in our study group. Thanks!

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