When it’s tough being the Light…

I’ve been reading different posts and tweets about people who are taking the #lightenup challenge and I LOVE it!! God is being glorified as Jesus is lifted up and that’s so very cool.

We need to keep being intentional about bringing Jesus into our conversations but what do you do if you’re too nervous to start talking to someone or if you have no idea how to bring Jesus up? Because sometimes it’s tough being the light…

I was reading in Acts 8 and came across a great word of encouragement for those of us who are hesitant or struggling to continue the #lightenup challenge. It’s the story of Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch and you can read it in Acts 8:26-39 to see what you can apply from it but here is what I learned—hope it helps.

  1. Ask —What if you ask the Lord to make you sensitive to His Spirit so that you are following His lead on a daily basis—in everything that you do? That would make you like Philip—in the right place at the right time. Then listen to His prompting when you come in contact with others.
  1. Listen-Philip listened to God’s prompting and instruction.. He ran up and stayed near the man in the chariot….and get this—he listened.. That’s key. In deciding how to go about lightening up your conversations—start by listening—to what they are saying or by ‘listening’ to their body language or actions. Then you will have a better idea how to jump into talking. Philip heard the man reading aloud something he was familiar with and so he asked a question to get the ball rolling. Good advice for us. We can ask too.

-ask a cashier if she is having a good day

-ask a woman shopping for toys something about her kids or grandkids

-ask someone about her Christmas jewelry or fun outfit

-ask someone in line if she is ready for Christmas

When you pay attention and listen you can find all kinds of ways to connect with perfect strangers. Philip listened for a connecting point and started there—

  1. Go for it- Once you start talking with someone, let the conversation go where they are willing to go. Philip talked with the man about Jesus starting from where he had been reading in Isaiah and kept going. When we encounter someone that the Lord has placed in our path, we never know how He has been preparing them so keep talking Jesus while you can.

Sometimes you will just barely get in a word about Jesus and other times they may want to talk all the way to salvation and accepting Christ. Only the Holy Spirit knows what is in their hearts—our job is be obedient in the opportunities that come our way.

Remember that you are the light of the world and have the privilege of sharing that light with everyone around you. Don’t get frustrated. Stay alert and try these 3 tips from Philip: Ask, Listen & Go for it.

It’s amazing what God can do when we speak up and lift high the name of Jesus—be the light!!!


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