Dare to…

When was the last time you intentionally invested in a relationship with someone who is different from you? Recently our church had an event called Dare to Move and we were challenged to stop letting fear keep us paralyzed.

I had the privilege to lead just a small portion of the evening focused on this topic of moving outside our comfort zones and investing in relationships with other women who may not be just like us.

Honestly, this is a real issue with us. Whether you are a church lady (grew up in church and are very engaged in that culture) or a woman who is unengaged from things of God, we all tend to develop relationships with people who are already like us and that’s normal BUT, and its a big but, we are missing out on so many opportunities to grow and to reach people when we let fear of rejection keep us paralyzed.

My sweet friend Colleen Sturgis who came to Christ as an adult and remembers what it was like to have ‘church lady’ interactions joined me and we spoke to both sides of the issue with some Tips on how you and I can be more intentional about developing these vital relationships. This link has the slides we used and we will soon have the video clip available to watch: http://longhollowwomen.com/daring-to-share-preview/

It is amazing how many people have shared a word with me or with Colleen of how they identified with something one of us said. Look over the tips above and prayerfully ask God what He wants you to learn and who is around you that needs to know you care about them. Be real and be open–we never know how much time we have so we need to make the most of every opportunity that comes our way!!! (Eph 5:16)

Keep it Real–I dare you…



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