for all you moms….

For all you moms who sometimes wonder if you’re getting it right…and pretty sure you aren’t lots of times—this is for you…if you’ve ever felt like you were losing the battle of the wills, or what in the world you ever did to deserve that kind of behavior???, or “will these kids ever stop fighting and act like they love each other”…you are not alone and I want to offer you hope.

I know how you feel. Really. There were so many times when my kids were younger, they are now 22, 20 & 16, that I really questioned my effectiveness. I would get so frustrated with myself at the way I handled situations and wonder if I had really scarred them for life. We had times when one might be facing an identity crisis (another story for another day) when grades were not all they could be, when it seemed all they did was argue and fight and we never heard kind words between them, when I would worry and stress over their future (would they grow into healthy people who love and serve God?, had we somehow skewed their perception of how great God is by our own actions) you get the picture…so anyway here is the hope.

One day you will get a phone call from your son or daughter asking you to pray for their friend because a lot is going on and they want you to join them in prayer. (smile) You will hear one of your kids tell you about talking to that kid at school who is lost and how they got to pray with them (smile) and then you may even get to read something like this in print that reminds you that we, as parents do all we can , none of us are perfect but oh my—our God is bigger that our mistakes and He alone can turn our kids into the godly influences He wants them to be—and believe me—the generation we are raising is a powerful generation and they are going to do HUGE things….check out this blog my daughter (20) wrote, and I promise you, we made as many mistakes with her as you have, but God…

I’m On A Boat….and then we get to the place where we are learning as much from them as we are teaching (huge smile)–makes me wonder how safe in the boat I am right now????

Hang onto hope and remember only you are called to be mom to your kids. God does NOT make mistakes!




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