Here it Comes…

Wow, I have been on a bit of a break from posting and working any social media for several reasons (mostly because I have been working on a couple of big writing assignments and had no spare time) but once again, I notice that time just flies. Here it is October–and I am grateful to be living in such a beautiful part of the country, especially in the fall, but October sort of snuck up on me. Anybody else?

Last week my sister and I had the great privilege of taking my mom on a birthday trip to Charleston SC. It was mom’s 70th birthday   (although you would never guess that from seeing her) as we debated what to do to make this tear a special celebration, we hit in the idea of just spending time together and making memories, laughing about goofy stuff and poking around dusty antique stores together (that’s one of mom’s fav things).
I must say that the few days together exceeded my expectations. We walked our legs off, talked a ton, ate all kinds of stuff, shopped and just enjoyed being together. Sometimes the best way we can celebrate someone who is important to us is just to be with them, to take the time to hangout and do things together.

My sister, Kara, and I were talking about all that mom has accomplished in her 70 years and it’s really quite impressive–she has been married to my dad for 49 yrs, raised 3 girls, been a Nana to 5–and on top of all the family things she is a nurse who earned a doctorate, served in the VA for years helping homeless veterans find hope again, has been there for countless friends thru difficult illnesses even thru their last days, she is a prayer warrior and mission minded leader in her church…the list goes on but one thing she has always done is care about people. She has always opened her home to whoever needed it, hospitality is just second nature to her and I am so very grateful for all she has taught me and continues to teach me about living life as a godly woman.

You know–this life really does move on by pretty fast, I wonder, are we in the habit of taking the time necessary for the people around us? People were important to Jesus. He stopped what He was doing to minister to their needs. May we never become too busy with ‘whatever’ that we neglect the people in our lives. Let them know what they mean to you and also be prepared for those He may be going to drop across your path today.

The holidays are just around the corner now–what are you doing so that you don’t become caught up in the craziness and you can just be focused on what matters? and on Jesus–the One the whole thing is about???

If we don’t plan to be intentional about Jesus this holiday season, we run the risk of missing out on what is most important. I have some of my lighten up resources back available so check them out if you’re interested –or make your own plan but do something to be counter culture this year!!!



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