tiredness and strength

I’m tired. Really, really tired. I think maybe it’s more tired because it’s not just physical, there are some tough things that we have been dealing with that has  included running back and forth from one town to the other in the process so there is the added emotional element. (I guess that means just more sleep probably won’t cure it)

I was thinking about this and remembered just a few weeks ago underlining something from David’s life that applies perfectly. In 1 Sam 30 David and his men returned to town to find that they had been attacked and everything burned with the women and children, including 2 of his wives, taken captive. That was rough.

Then to top it off, the other men blamed him! They even talked about stoning him. Whew. Talk about an exhausting day. Physically tired. Worried about the captives. Feeling betrayed by his own men. Fear for his life—I’d say that David had some insight into how we get sometimes and even how I feel now.

Then in verse 6 we read “but David strengthened himself in the Lord”. Wow. Did you catch that? Just after the listing of all the bad things happening and the emotions David was dealing with we see a big but and the key to our own victory. He strengthened himself in the Lord. I looked up the word for strengthened and this is the expanded definition:  to strengthen, prevail, harden, be strong, become strong, be courageous, be firm, grow firm, be resolute, be sore

As women and as leaders we may have days like this (or even months) I wonder, how often do we try to find strength in something besides the Lord? Do we buy  into the mentality of the world that tells us to give in to our selfish desires, or to try a little retail therapy or chocolate or anything else in order to feel better and stronger?

Maybe in order to be victorious over the tiredness or exhaustion or stress or whatever we need to take a page form David’s book and turn first to the Lord. Our strength when we are weak, if we will only humble ourselves and admit our need.

There are lots of verses and lots of Christian clichés that apply here but you already know most of them and so I will share that my goal is to spend more time with One who can fill me up and give me all that I need to face whatever else is coming my way. I hope you will do the same:)



Ps-if you have time, leave a comment with what is your best way to ‘strengthen yourself in the Lord’—it’s the kind of thing we all need to be doing…