Insignificant? Says who?

When was the last time you felt insignificant? Like you wished you were all that to someone else or the most popular and sought after person in the group? We all times when we feel frustrated and unimportant…so I wonder who needs to hear today the words of Psalm 17:8–“Keep me as the apple of your eye” You, sweet sister, are the apple of your maker’s eye–who feels better now?

David wrote those words in the worst of circumstances. he was on the run from Saul (who he had been serving faithfully) he had just been betrayed to Saul by the Zipphites and he was probably feeling like he had no friends, no one really cared about him, everyone liked Saul better, he had no where to turn where someone would have his back—sound familiar??

It happens to us all at some time or another where we get lost in the shuffle of life and feel unimportant–thats when we need to learn from David to go to God and seek Him. You may even feel some type of persecution along with being overlooked or betrayed–if so then read the rest of verse 8 because it says “hide me in the shelter of your wings”. That is a beautiful picture and one that I think we all need to practice. You see, if you are going to be under the shelter of His wings then you have to be pretty close to Him in the first place–you can’t seek shelter under His wings from far away.

When you are struggling don’t give in to the temptation to be the pity party hostess of the year—Draw near to God and be sheltered today, after all you are the apple of His eye and He wants the best for you!

expecting more,


WARNING!! Deception is possible…

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Have a great day and be sure to ‘consult with the Lord’ regularly and diligently.