How many choices/decisions do you make in a day??? probably even more than you think because there are all those ones we make without even thinking about them. You know, like the routine you go through to get ready in the morning. You don’t debate with yourself whether or not you should brush your teeth (unless your a middle school boy) you just make that choice and keep going.

I was reading in Deuteronomy this morning and I keep noticing in this book that God through Moses continues to point out the choices the people have. Life or death, blessing or curses, obedience or disobedience—your choice. I think I am loving Deuteronomy more than ever before because I keep seeing such cool things that challenge or encourage me in it. I love the recaps that Moses does with the people–he reminds them of all the Lord has done for them. (good reminder for us to regularly revisit the activity of God in our lives) and it strengthens their faith.

He also goes over with them, again, the words of the Law (good reminder for us to stay in the Word and know it–daily) Although they had heard it before, they could still choose to ignore it. AND then Moses has this section of the book where he points out the consequences for not choosing obedience. WOW. Those listed consequences are meant to put a little fear of the Lord into the people and this is where I am most intrigued right now. How much do you and I ‘fear the Lord’? Do we really recognize the power of the God we serve? and do we take into consideration the great responsibility we have as His representatives on this earth to lead people to Him (think of it like being good advertisement for Christianity)?

or…have we in our twisted complacency and odd sense of entitlements that we slip into, become a bit blase about our Lord? I know that I have times where I am guilty of taking for granted all that He has done for me, or for missing out on how awesome and fearful He really is. Do we avoid some choices because they are too hard for us? or do we make wrong choices because we know we can get forgiveness later???

I wonder if we need a little wake up call today. A little word from Moses to remind us as we make the choices before us today that He has given us options–life or death, blessings or curses, obedience or disobedience—and the choices we make will have an impact on our effectiveness as Christ followers.

Remember there are consequences to wrong choices. Don’t take grace for granted and know that He is holy therefore we are called to be holy…..and I love the words God gave Moses them to Joshua “Be string and courageous for I am with you”

That my friends is what can give us the strength to make right choices even when they are tough–because we are not alone:)

Today may we honor Him and glorify Him in ALL that we do…


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