What its All About???

I had a fantastic time at the first Lighten Up Event in Huntsville, AL. It was a great group of ladies and we laughed and worshiped and challenged each other to be the lights in the world that we have been called to be!

In the meantime, word of the Lighten Up Challenge had gotten out and it is really striking a nerve with women everywhere—yay! We all need to be challenged and reminded that we can make a difference and especially during this time of year we need to be more intentional.

So this is just a short post to let people who may not have been at the event in on the details of the challenge–since we want as many people as possible involved.

All it involves is each of us committing to talk to someone about Jesus at least once a day for 25 days. It doesn’t matter when you start–just get going and start talking. The point of the challenge is that we need to be pushed to be intentional especially during this busy time of year. We want to join together to ‘reclaim the holidays’ like never before.

I believe that God is calling us to take a stand against the influence of our culture. To speak up about out faith and to boldly (and lovingly) make Jesus a part of our everyday language and conversations.

There are a couple of tolls that can help with this in the previous post but you can do the challenge with or without those. The key is that you start sharing or ‘regifting’ Jesus to those you come in contact with.

If you want to access other encouragement on this, follow me on twitter and I will be posting at least daily some Scriptures or thoughts regarding the challenge. I will use #lightenupchallenge so you can find those on twitter any time. My twitter is rachellovingood.

Thanks for joining this movement. It’s time! Let’s get after it…


2 responses to “What its All About???

  1. I am so excited to see what God is going to do with the Lighten Up challenge in Geneva, Illinois. We will introduce the challenge to our Women’s Bible Study group this week! Thank you, Rachel, for being obedient and writing the challenge and allowing us to participate. God went south with it to Alabama now He is coming north to Illinois…may it be contagious across the land to put Jesus in His rightful place–the center of Christmas! Look for the comments from our ladies in Geneva 🙂

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