sometimes I want to throw in the towel on this techno crazed world we live in—it’s definitely not Mayberry:) and although I am the first to appreciate all that new and unbelievable technology has brought to us I can get a little frustrated with it all. Can you relate to me when I can’t figure out the details of another evite, forgot my password to twitter yet again, can’t find my cool friend on pinterest, I still haven’t figured out linked in and the biggest reason why I still resist new or different technology is because the thought of having to remember yet another screen name and password is beyond what I am capable of(yes I have heard those who suggest that i use the same name and password for everything—BUT that doesn’t work!!!)

You can take that previous paragraph a bit tongue in cheek and although there are many ways in which technology has had a negative impact (if I hear about another person who leaves their family because they reconnect with an old high school friend I’m gonna scream) but the truth is that technology is a tool and we are all responsible for how we choose to use it. Just like anything else it can be positive or negative–our choice.

One choice that we don’t really have is to ignore technology and hope that it goes away (can you imagine people giving up their iphones?!) if you really think that can happen be sure and post a blog on what the world looks like through the sand where you have your head buried:)

Jeff, my sweet hubby, and I were out on a walk last Sunday afternoon. It was a bright, beautiful, sunny day. We were walking and talking and every kid in the neighborhood was out playing or riding bikes-it was feeling a little like Mayberry…until we happened by a group of kids with bicycles gathered in a group on the sidewalk. They were inspecting one kid’s bike and the comments were flying around as they dissected the situation. We heard one kid say “the tire is just flat” to which another immediately responded “better just call onstar” they were dead serious. Jeff and I looked at each other with “did that just happen?” looks on our faces and laughed our heads off.

We kept walking and reflecting on what a different world we live in today. Not worse-just different. These are the times we live in, the question is “how will we respond as people who want to make a difference and share the gospel with a lost and dying world?”

It’s not Mayberry but people are still people and they still need Jesus. What are we willing to do to make sure they hear about His love and grace??? I guess I can remember one more password….