Lighten Up!

Have you ever felt like the holidays are less about Jesus than they should be? Even in our church circles this is a problem and I have made plans every year to ‘reclaim the holidays’ for celebrating Christ and making Him known.

This year I have been convicted and inspired to do something more. Together with some friends, we planned out a holiday themed event that is designed to help women ‘lighten up and reclaim the holidays’. We made a schedule, great graphics for shirts etc and I have prepared a teaching time all designed to bring Jesus back in to the main focus of the holiday season (meaning Thanksgiving to New Years).

There are two versions available for booking. One that is way heavier on the funny—with a straight up gospel presentation to conclude. The goal with this is to invite all kinds of women from the community from lost to unchurched to regular attenders, then get them laughing and relaxing so that they are more open to hearing the gospel. People actually seem more receptive to hearing about Jesus during this time of year so why not invite them to church and give them an opportunity to respond to the gospel???

The second version also uses humor but has more biblical teaching on Jesus the light of the world and will challenge women to shine brighter and ‘lighten up’ the places they go.

If this is something you may be interested in for your church or community group email my friend for more information and to see dates available.

If its not for you I would ask you to pray for us and specifically for “Lighten Up” that Jesus would be made famous and women would come to know Him and know Him better through it!


ps here are the graphics we are using–can’t you see this on some super cute shirts??? (available soon)


Ministry Wives Opp!

Hey all you ministry wives in the New Orleans area—I have the distinct privilege to be sharing at a wives luncheon at noon at the seminary. It is open to all wives in the area so if you want to come join us then contact for more details. I would love to see you there–bring a friend and come see us for a good time with other wives.

Big Sky + Big God = Montana

Wow. I just got back from Montana- big shout out to all the ladies at the c’mon inn-where i had the privilege of serving with some friends from Indian Rocks Bapt Church. We went to minister to the ministry wives in the Yellowstone Association by hosting them at a retreat.

It was such a blessing to be part of this group and to get to minister to all the sweet, godly ladies who are serving our big God in Big Sky country!

Although I had the opportunity to speak to the women, God taught me a few things myself. Does that happen to you as much as me? Whenever I study and prepare to teach, I invariably find more and more lessons for me…isn’t that cool?

I think that’s one of my favorite things about leadership in ministry. If we will submerge ourselves into the Word we will always find it to be relevant to our own lives.

The big lessons for me had to do with how big God is–do I ever limit what He does by my own low expectations? and how much I love and respect women everywhere who do what I do!!!! We are all so similar and yet so unique–I love each of you and am so thankful that God brings us into each other’s lives in His timing.

What has He been teaching you lately? Are you studying to teach or so that your own life will be transformed and then you can share about your own life change? Knowing the answers to these will make all the difference:)