Cling to your Mary…

This is a completely crazy couple of weeks for me (and probably some of you too) May just tends to get wacky easy with the end of school and all. This year my son moved home after his second year at UT (so glad to be seeing more of him) my daughter is graduating form high school saturday (so very proud of her) and my youngest son is finishing middle school (exactly how old an i getting?!?) so that all adds up to busyness.

Throw in a little back trouble, helping coach the high school tennis team (who made it deeper into the playoffs than usual) working on my husbands book and you can see why when I got an email that said this “May you cling to your inner Mary in a time that will try to bring out your Martha.”—I laughed out loud and said ‘thanks God for that word of encouragement!’

It was so perfect for me and I wonder how many of you may need that same challenge to come your way? Are you so busy ‘doing’ that you are forgetting about ‘being’?

Have you felt like it is much easier to serve Him than to spend time getting to know Him?

I can’t tell you how many times lately God has spoken to me and said “just know me”…

that means that no matter how busy life gets or what I think I need to be done that the biggest priority of my life (and yours) is to know Him..and that takes time with Him

I promise, it will be time well spent:)