ordinary is enough

ok. I’m reading through the Bible chronologically this year and I am so loving it. It’s actually not the first time I’ve done this BUT it is the first time I have been this serious and studying through as I read. Truthfully I am learning tons of great things so the bis challenge for me is keeping track of what i am reading and learning–I just don’t want to add more knowledge–I really want to be different..know what I mean???

Anyway, I have just gotten about through Judges and something kept jumping out at me. I love the way God has been using women in His story for such important roles, and as I read about Deborah and Jael (if you don’t know her story then check it out all I can say about her is ‘wow–tough woman’) what I as hearing was this “ordinary is enough” God continually uses ordinary people, men and women, to do His work and His will—-we have got to stop thinking that “if I could preach or teach like so and so” or “If i looked as good as” or “if i just had the testimony that so and so has..” these thought are of the devil and they stop us in our tracks.

I love the fact that He takes us in our imperfections and does His perfect work. All we have to do is be willing and available. Read Gideon’s story—who would want to go to war like that??? In the world’s economy it makes no sense but In God’s economy it’s perfect and ordinary is just enough.

I guess the encouragement may be that when we find ourselves feeling down or frustrated or like we really don’t matter then remember this little phrase “ordinary is enough when it’s in God’s hands” then place yourself in His hands and see what happens!