when life is hard

The other day we had some special guests at our church talking about orphan care in Haiti and around the world. Now, nothing gets to me like hearing about these orphans and I’m so thankful for our church and what we are doing to love on and minster to orphans, but one thing that Joe said really struck me. As he was talking about the difficulties and process that works best, he stated that it is the responsibility of the church to do something about this orphan pandemic and that it won’t be easy…..then he said “we can’t not do it because it’s hard” Did you get that?

Our responsibility and burden can’t be released just because it gets hard sometimes. hmmm…then later as I was processing some things I needed to deal with , I found myself literally saying “this is just too hard” and Joe’s words came back to me. Just like in orphan care the world of ministry of marriage of parenting of living, won’t always be easy—and you don’t get to quit on it just cause it gets hard. I think it’s a prevailing attitude in our world today, and especially with women, that we get to quit, stop or give up when it gets harder than we thought it might. Sorry–not acceptable.

Jesus didn’t quit on the hard things and we don’t get to either. When we persevere and remain faithful during the tough times then God gets glorified! That alone can be the impetus we need to keep going. The world is watching us to see if we really believe what we say we believe and when our lives line up with our faith then the lost world takes notice and they may even be tempted to choose faith. How cool would that be?

So when you are facing hard times whether as a wife, mom, friend, ministry leader or just as a woman, remember that you are NOT alone. We are with you on this journey but more importantly than that—He is with you and will never leave you or forsake you. Stay the course and trust in Him, we usually grow the most from the times we had to work the hardest so don’t give up–stand up and be counted. It can make all the difference:)