Blessings of Leadership

This week I have had the privilege of doing working with the coolest young woman on our staff on a HUGE project. It’s one of those things that happens in ministry that starts as a good idea, then keeps growing and God expands the vision for it until it is way beyond what you could have ever imagined. When that happened, I had to get some help and the person who stepped up was this woman on our staff who is relatively new to our church. The great and cool thing about working with Robyn is not that she is so gifted and creative, its that she was in our youth group at one of the first churches Jeff and I served at.

As I spent time with her and we labored over huge text files while drinking sonic diet cokes, I was almost overwhelmed at the thought that God brought us to this place. He didn’t have to do that. But He did and it is really one of the biggest blessings of ministry–to be able to see someone who was a student in our ministry grow up and be such a lovely Christ follower who is serving the Lord so effectively. Jeff and I have been blessed to see many many students from our various ministries grow up serving and loving God and serving in full time ministry. At our church now we have the privilege of serving with several former students and its just a great reminder that even when our times together at certain churches may not be long in length or we aren’t really sure of the impact we made—that His plans are bigger than what we could have ever seen or imagined!

What makes your heart happy in ministry? There are so many things I could mention but one is definitely being able to see first hand the hand of God on the lives of people we worked with:)