Ministers’ Wives Retreat

Well hey everybody! Hope you’ve been having a great summer. I have been gone most of the time and when I’m here Ive been busy trying to catch up on everything that was happening while I was gone…does that sound familiar??

The weather in Tennessee has been hot–more than hot–and it seems to be getting hotter. The kids are back in school but having to practice football in the gyms or later at night to avoid the dangerous heat advisories. But now that they are back into a routine, I am trying to get organized and on a more efficient schedule than just trying NOT to forget anything important:)

One thing I wanted to let you all know about is a Ministers’ Wives Retreat coming up in October (1-2). It is being held at Carson Springs in East Tennessee and it will be absolutely beautiful there that weekend (I know these things since I was raised in East Tennessee) Here is the link and although it is a few weeks off, the early bird registration is over in Sept. I hope you can make plans to be there…
since being with other ministers’ wives is one of the most encouraging and relaxing times for us! Please pass this info on to other wives you know and I will see you there!!!!!