Great Meeting/Great Lessons

This week I had the privilege of meeting with some amazing women’s leaders from across the country. We sat around and talked through most all the major issues of our days (and some not so major) , we prayed together and sought to find answers from the Lord of what we can each be doing to impact the world, and women especially, with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

One thing that we kept coming back to was that it is way to huge of a task but our God is big enough and powerful enough to do whatever He choose to do. Our job and responsibility is to be devoted to reaching those that we have opportunities –those in our sphere of influence. It always challenges me personally because these women are the ones who are getting it done so to speak in the world of ministry and I feel a renewed sense of urgency and passion to do what I’m called to do–so thanks ladies!

The other thing I keep coming back to is that we all have the opportunity to do the next thing–whatever it is–and that when the task seems too big our faith needs to step up and recognize that our God is BIG and no task is too big for Him so if we are working and serving and living in His power then that’s where we need to be. Do the next thing–that thing that God has ordained for you in this moment and as you focus on ministry in the moment remember that you are not alone in this journey:)

None of us have all the answers (or in my case any answers) but our God has the wisdom we need and is waiting for us to ask for it (James).

Have you been relying on your own understanding instead of the wisdom that comes from God? May God convict me whenever I even think that I know what needs to be done instead of seeking His plan. Ministry is tough enough without handicapping ourselves in that way—God is your ever present help and strength in time of need. Need Him today!!