Bluetooth believers

I was driving along the other day and saw this lady carrying on an intense conversation…she was listening and nodding and then gesturing and nodding–you get the picture…it was really kind of funny looking and I watched her for a few minutes. What made her even more entertaining was that she was completely alone in the car. It looked like she was talking to a ghost or something. Then of course I realized that she had a bluetooth. have you seen some of those folks walking around talking to the air? I considered whether I need one or not and am still not sure but something else hit me about that lady later on.

I was reading a Scripture passage that challenged me to be obedient and to be different form the world. I also thought about the way that the world thinks so differently than eblievers do and it hit me—when I choose to listen and respond to the Holy Spirit in obedience, I will look funny, different and maybe even entertaining to the people around me. (alot like the lady on the bluetooth) and I wondered how many times I have ‘hung up on’ the Holy Spirit because to respond would draw some funny looks or stares from the people around me.

You see, we as believers, as called to obey the Spirit and that will make us stand out. People will stare and maybe even make fun of us but they can’t hear that quiet voice directing us—much like I couldn’t hear the person the woman was talking to. However, we must choose to listen and obey–after all they may watch us enough that they begin to want what we have….and wouldn’t that be cool??