Oswald Chambers and my pantry

This week I admit to falling into the predictable pattern of cleaning things out in January. I actually tackled my pantry (hasn’t happened since we moved in almost 5 years ago). So you can just imagine how bad it was…did you know that crackers can become rancid? things without expiration dates can go bad (especially if they have had them in there so long you don’t even recognize them)

I truly felt a little sick when i was finished–never attempt to choose whether something is stale or not by tasting–anyway, I digress. This morning I was reading my quiet time and in My utmost for His Highest Chambers talked about when our lives get stale, which automatically brought my mind back to the recent cleaning out, I thought about how many things just got stuffed back into the back of the shelves until they became useless and how much that parallels my spiritual life.

He challenged me to do a real gut check to see what things I have been drawing life from other than God. Those things begin to fill the shelves of my life until the more important, God things, get pushed back and out of use.

I needed that word and the prayer that followed in which I begged God to send His Holy Spirit to blow a freshness into my life as he cleans out the things that are int he way of the work He wants to do in and through me!!!! How often do we stand at the door and look in to the shelves to try and figure out what we can make out of the mess of things stuffed into the pantry? when what we really need to do is to stay fresh and filled with the life changing, all powerful Spirit of the Living God:)

We, I, can never find the power I need to live this life in anything other that Him–so why bother trying? Just trust Him today and submit your will to His:) I plan to…


It Breaks My Heart

Seeing the things that are going on in Haiti are just breaking my heart. It reminds me of the words to a song I love –“break my heart for what breaks yours”. When you see the images and know how many orphans are suffering even more then I can’t help but think that our breaking hearts are in good company, as God’s heart is surely moved.

All of this just makes the Crazy Love campaign even more vital. I have also been impressed with companies who are offering to send supplies for free and fly medical people for free—i really wish I was a nurse or doctor –but truthfully we can all be involved in helping. Whether we give, go or pray–we can be part of the relief effort. And as we do whatever we are called to, let’s not forget to pray for the people to see and desire to know God through all of this. We were all completely shocked about the earthquake but God was not taken by surprise at all….He amazes me:)