Women’s Leadership Forum!!!!

We just finished the womens leadership forum in Nashville at Lifeway and it was awesome to meet so many of you who do the work of the ministry at the local church. I loved getting to talk with you and hearing your stories! Thanks so much for sharing and being so fun…this is one of my favorite things to do each year because I get to make so many new friends:)

Weren’t the speakers fantastic this year???? I thought Priscilla’s message was right on and then Mary Kassian brought such a powerful message that I am still trying to process some of that! I also thought David’s message this morning was awesome because it was so specific and practical–they were all just what I needed to hear…

I absolutely love doing breakout sessions and this year the group in the Testing 1-2-3 was so much fun. I hope that the info we covered was helpful and I hate that I felt like we ran out of time:( I really had a few more things to say and wanted to give a little more encouragement to each of you so if any of you read this then let me know and I will share with you a couple of resources that might be helpful!!!

blessings all,


2 responses to “Women’s Leadership Forum!!!!

  1. Hi Rachel,
    I thoroughly enjoyed the Testing 1-2-3 breakout session and the information was really beneficial for me. I would love to receive any more information you have, that you didn’t have time to share. Thanks!

    • i’m so glad you got some things you could use from our time that day. I felt bad that the space was tight and we had so much to cover…I did get the most important things to you and wished i had mentioned the value of taping and listening to yourself teach (its painful but very worth it) and also the value of reading books on communicating..most are written to pastors but the principles will apply to us also so i greatly encourage you to read some of those books by people like andy stanley, ed young jr and those other creative or powerful speakers…

      i think thats it but if i remember anything else i will let you know:) keep up the good work and i pray God blesses your ministry greatly!!!!

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