WOW…something noteworthy

well it took something really noteworthy to get me back on this blog. I have actually been very busy with some projects and writing on the blog we have set up for the book which is or maybe that is backwards but you can find it there.

Anyway, the thing that has gotten me back onto this blog is two-fold. One, my daughter kelsey has written for a blog that I’m impressed with and you can find that blog entry at…she went with me when i was speaking at a church in Kentucky this past weekend and the ladies just loved her. They also bought some keychains so she is much closer to getting that orphanage built in Haiti!

The second motivation for me is all that God is doing in some other areas of my life. Jennifer and I have gotten some invitations to come and share in relation to the Bible Study that came out this year and we are so excited about that. Tomorrow, Thursday Sept 17, we are doing a radio interview with Marnie Swedberg on blogtalk radio, so please pray for us and listen in if you want to:) you can find it online at and it is live at 3 eastern time….


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