No Slackers

Do you ever have those times where you feel like God has so much to say and you are just trying not to miss any of it? Lately, i am being challenged on so many levels but the most current one is in light of David’s sermon series “The Harvest”. How many times have i heard a sermon on evangelism? (zillions) and i’m always convicted to pray for the lost and to seek to build relationships with people who need to know Christ, and that’s a good thing, but something is a little different this time and i think it has to do with my personal efforts in evangelism.

Some people have evangelism as a spiritual gift, like Jeff, and not me, but that is not a reason to cop out when it comes to witnessing. We are all called to “go and make disciples” and there is really no excuse for not doing that. I have been guilty of coasting by on Jeff’s evangelistic coattails and making myself feel better by remembering that someone has to be doing the other things, and so on, but really i think i have overlooked so many opportunities to share or i have glossed over things by pointing out that i can witness by my lifestyle and thorugh my actions and i can pray for people …all true…but really, does anything take the place of just flat out asking someone where they stand with the Lord?

So many of us in the church (me included) spend much of our time learning more about the Word and studying it (and that’s good) but if we, me, tend to overlook having ‘those’ conversations with people then we are in danger of being ‘hearers and not doers’.

If you read this and feel the urge to reassure me that i have done a good job as jeff’s helpmate and that the gospel has been furthered because of things i have done, don’t. I needed the challenge that He has given and me, and maybe you do to, there is no reason why i shouldn’t be actively, verbally, consciously, constantly telling people about Jesus and inviting them to know Him too.

The times are getting desperate and people are buying more and more into the teachings of this world and its prince, we as believers need to be more and more intentional about sharing our faith and realizing that ‘the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few’…there is nothing like that feeling of being there when someone asks Jesus to save them….join me in asking God to give opportunities to share….its no time for slackers!


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