WARNING! Blogging can be dangerous…

especially if you are a complete idiot like i obviously am (grin)…okay so this is what happened and I am soooo sorry for anyone who checked my blog and saw those pictures (if you didn’t then don’t ask) …i decided to start adding pictures to my blog because i have been hearing from people i haven’t seen in a while and i know that love to see other people’s family pics…and that’s where it gets interesting…

i organized some pics from our spring break trip to the beach and was going to put them as a slideshow and thought i needed to use flickr so i added that to my site but then couldn’t (i know how hard can it be?) figure out how to get the pictures uploaded so i left it and thought i would just call my online advisor, please take my call carrie, and worry about it all later…

today’s been a busy day and i never got around to even going online because i had to sub at the high school…i ran home and fixed dinner then headed to the Y to a spin class, feeling pretty good about all i had accomplished..then trish texted me while i was spinning sweating and trying to figure out the words to the songs that were playing…her text said something like “lol i just saw your blog and the picture of the naked pregnant lady beside the picture of satan was interesting”…now, i can’t get to a computer and trish is always busting my chops about something so i text back “ha ha” she replies “not kidding you have a flickr and pictures are popping up”

imagine with me my thoughts and feelings at that moment…by the way did i mention that i was also working on memorizing 1 Tim 4:7-8 “spend your time and energy on spiritual fitness. physical exercise is of some value but spiritual exercise is more important for it promises a reward both in this life and the one to come” (hey i did that from memory so i guess something good happened in spin!)

i couldn’t do anything but laugh…i bet the other people in there wondered what i was doing because we are dying to climb a hill and i’m laughing …but what else can you do???

anyway…got that off as soon as i got home and cracked up with trish who assured me that she only called as many people as she could to tell them to go see the pictures on rachels blog (with friends like that…) and she also said that if they had been really bad she would have called and gotten my password—hopefully that won’t be an issue anymore…i think i have learned my lesson…don’t try new things online till you know what they are and what they do when you aren’t looking

again –if any of you saw those please forgive me and watch out for real pictures coming soon


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