expectations vs. reality

A couple of weeks ago we had a guest speaker at church, Dave Edwards, and he preached a powerful sermon out of Genesis 40. God really used it to speak to me and He still is. I just love it when God has so much to say that I haver to process it for a while…(I actually have it in my CD player in the car and I rarely do that-thanks trish)…the gist of the message is that sometimes in life we, like Joseph, can be somewhere in chapter 40 of our lives and the things that are happening are all a part of preparing us for what He has in store for us in chapter 41…

One thought that is sticking with me is that although we may be called by God for something, we need the refining work of the Spirit to be prepared to complete the tasks He has for us. I am praying that God nevers stops shaping me for what He has called me to and that I will not settle for less than His plan and not get caught up in resisting the work happening in chapter 40 as I anticipate what 41 will bring.

May we be ready when the pages turn and enjoy every aspect of the life we’ve been given now!


4 responses to “expectations vs. reality

  1. OK, let me tell you why I like this Blog Post. Most of the Sermons I hear right now are “fresh” for me. Even the ones where the topics are “repeats” I am still engrossed in them. I often wonder if a person like yourself who has been marinated in church ever feels like they heard it all. Not that you get bored with God, but that you get bored with church. I sometimes wonder if when someone like yourself hears “Ephesians” they think…oh yeah, Armor series again….Been there, done that. I have this twisted little mind sometimes that has its own “Have you ever wondered series” in it…and that is one of them. To hear that you at Church , with the help of your Holy Spirit, of course, was impacted by a Sermon, makes me glad. I am not glad it was on a CHAPTER 40 sermon 😦 But I am glad that Church has an impact on the older I mean seasoned Christian. hee ha! Trish

  2. I love that I have a friend with her own web-site! So many talents in one funny woman, and all used for God’s glory. He must be proud! Thanks for hanging with me and playing tennis sometimes. Actually, the car ride probably beats the tennis because I can get your opinion on very important matters. Good luck with all your writing! Stacy

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