Its raining…its pouring…

and i chose today to run errands that required me to get in and out of the car several times! I finally texted trish and told her that i’m officially an idiot because by the time i left sams, with a cart pretty full, i was completely soaked along with all my purchases, and looked like i had taken a shower in my clothes…i just had to laugh and then go home and take a hot shower for real just to warm up! Days like this when the sky is completely grey and the rain is relentless are perfect days to stay in and do something, or nothing, if you’re lucky.

what’s your favorite thing to do on a rainy day? my ultimate fav would be to read a book and eat chocolate but since i have several lbs to lose before my next beach trip in 2 weeks and plenty of household chores to get finished, i guess i will just enjoy the time to catch up and be inside , hopefully for the rest of the day, i already upset kelsey by not coming to get her but i didn’t want to leave the house…hmm wonder if there’s any sugar free chocolate anywhere???


2 responses to “Its raining…its pouring…

  1. I am not sure why but I am loving the rain his year, I cannot explain it but it is putting me in the best mood. Weird. I just like to stare at it! I think of all the nourishment all the plants are getting and how GREEN my lawn is going to be compared to Jeff’s!!

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