Spin Class

Oh my word! I went to a spin class for the first time in a long time wow…I had forgotten what a great workout it is and although I am sore (in unmentionable places) I loved it. The music , the sweat, the pain…ohhh but the best thing of all is that you get a great workout in a fairly short amount of time.

One thing that got me tickled though was that everyone is in a circle and me being a back of the exercise room person, spent lots of time trying to figure out where to keep my eyes focused. If I looked ahead, it was the instructor and I didn’t really want to catch her eye, all around me were people working hard and I didn’t want any of them to think I was watching them…I definitely didn’t want to look down (that would be my thighs so enough said) so I tried to close my eyes and pretend I was riding along the beach or the mountains in East TN, and then of course I would get dizzy and have to open back up or we would stand up to run on a bicycle for crying out loud, you can’t run with your eyes closed..it became my prayer to just finish the class without falling off or anything else equally embarrassing, and I did.

I’m going back and if I can just figure out what to do with my eyes, it should be good:) Sounds like a good spiritual lesson for me too. What am I going to do with my eyes today? Will I let them linger on things that distract me from God’s plan? Will I use them to allow junk into my mind or will I fix them on Jesus, the author and finisher of my faith so that I can run the race (even on a bicycle) that He has set before me????


One response to “Spin Class

  1. Hi Rachel! So excited to find your blog. You have good taste, it looks just like mine:) I can’t believe your kids are getting so old, and Brian and I now are in the place you and Jeff were when we met you, with little ones running around the house. My oldest little girl just turned 2 and my youngest is 3 months. I can’t wait to keep up with your life through your blog. Already what I’ve read has been a source of encouragement:)

    Laura Smith

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