Country Music

I like country music…most of it anyway and there are some really good songs out there. I guess lots of them just remind me of my life and I relate to the lyrics…but there are lots of songs that I turn as soon as I hear them because I hate to listen to songs about drinking and all that stuff and I am careful about what I put into my mind (there is only so much room in there:)…sometimes there are even some good songs about God and I always hope that someone listening hears about Him and thinks about the fact that there is a God … but the other day a new song came on and I started listening…then I got disturbed because the really pretty lyrics talk about different bad things that are happening in our world and then repeat the phrase “God must be busy…” as if He doesn’t have the time to care about the bad things.

It totally bothered me because I’m afraid that too many people actually think that bad things happen because God is too busy or he doesn’t care about us and nothing could be farther from the truth. I found myself just this weekend trying to describe to someone how they can really know the Bible is true and that God is who He says He is and he was having trouble getting that God cares about every little thought in his mind, every aspect of his life…and to tell the truth, sometimes I get to living my life and forgetting that the God of the Universe Himself wants to be involved in every aspect of my life. Not just involved but in charge…he is never too busy or uncaring of the issues we have and when we remember to surrender it ALL– then is when we really start experiencing the abundant life that he wants for us and get into the personal relationship that makes a huge difference.

If you are tempted to feel like the details of your life are unimportant or insignificant then please remind yourself of the truth…that God Almighty, Jehovah—loves you and has great plans for you Jer. 33:3 and if your life is in a bad place right now, check out Isaiah 43:18-19 and ask Him to show you the ‘new thing’ he wants to do.


Spin Class

Oh my word! I went to a spin class for the first time in a long time wow…I had forgotten what a great workout it is and although I am sore (in unmentionable places) I loved it. The music , the sweat, the pain…ohhh but the best thing of all is that you get a great workout in a fairly short amount of time.

One thing that got me tickled though was that everyone is in a circle and me being a back of the exercise room person, spent lots of time trying to figure out where to keep my eyes focused. If I looked ahead, it was the instructor and I didn’t really want to catch her eye, all around me were people working hard and I didn’t want any of them to think I was watching them…I definitely didn’t want to look down (that would be my thighs so enough said) so I tried to close my eyes and pretend I was riding along the beach or the mountains in East TN, and then of course I would get dizzy and have to open back up or we would stand up to run on a bicycle for crying out loud, you can’t run with your eyes became my prayer to just finish the class without falling off or anything else equally embarrassing, and I did.

I’m going back and if I can just figure out what to do with my eyes, it should be good:) Sounds like a good spiritual lesson for me too. What am I going to do with my eyes today? Will I let them linger on things that distract me from God’s plan? Will I use them to allow junk into my mind or will I fix them on Jesus, the author and finisher of my faith so that I can run the race (even on a bicycle) that He has set before me????