Living without God’s love???

We had a Christmas worship experience Sunday night and it was great to help focus our time and energy on Jesus and to “All Bow Down”…which I love that mental image. One song that David sang (moffitt not landrith:) was about what it would be like to live with out the love of God. It was slow and thoughtful and it really made me think.Have you ever considered what our lives would be like without God’s love? Not something fun to think about. I’m so thankful for the love He bestows on us and pours onto us daily. I’m also writing something now which I needed to research online for quotes about what people think about Jesus and it breaks my heart to read some of the things celebrities are quoted as saying about our Savior. I guess the good thing I found is that no matter what people say or think that may be totally off base or wrong—He is still JESUS! and He is totally worthy of our praise and He still loves us, and them, no matter what they believe…I mean, how cool is that?So my response for today, thank you Lord for loving  me and help me love others like you called me to… and thank you that we never have to know what it’s like to live without your love…/p>


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