Are you kidding me?

Every so often people ask me something or say something to me that makes me want to respond with “are you kidding me?”. Now, I usually don’t say that because it might sound rude but I do think it sometimes and so I typically call my sister or a friend who would understand and relate the whole scenario to them so that I can finally unload with “are you kidding me?”. Yesterday I had one of those moments at the grocery store…I had a list and was picking up quite a few things when my phone rang and I found out that I needed to go in and work at the high school. Naturally this put me in hurry up mode and I sort of flew on thru Kroger (forgetting the choc syrup-sorry kids) and headed to the checkout. Murphy’s law would cause you to suspect that all the lines were busy but that wasn’t the case. I actually had several different cashiers try to get me to pick their line because they were empty. Feeling like it was going well, I began the process of checking out. The ladies were so nice and chatty with me so I responded in kind, while mentally calculating how long it would take me to get home, unload the food, put up the cold, get changed and get to school. And then….this very (stress very) nice older (stress older like my grandma’s age) lady began to help bag my food. I really wanted to bag it myself because I can be fast if necessary but she was determined to help me so what could I do? Anyway, did I mention that she’s an older lady? and that she has such bad arthritis that it makes me hurt to watch her? I see her all the time and she is always so pleasant but I feel so bad to have her doing anything for me because it looks painful…so I always chat with her pleasantly (yes, I can be nice) and then comes the moment when I want to say “are you kidding me?” It was when, after standing there itching to help but not being able to because she had me boxed out from the bags, that all the groceries were in the buggy and she turned to me and asked “do you need help out with that today?”

I know it’s her job but it takes everything in me not to look at her incredulously (extra points for word usage) and say “Are you kidding me? let me help you get a seat or can I get you something for your back, some pain killers or something?” this sweet little grandma lady wants to help me put my food in the car…I just can’t see that happening

Thank you Lord for people who do their jobs no matter what…and smile in the process


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