Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I always love this holiday in particular because I firmly believe that having an ‘attitude of gratitude’ so to speak, should be a way of life for us all the time…after all, He has done so much for us…anyway, so I love that we all stop and focus on giving thanks collectively the same day each year. This is going to be a tough year though because today, one of my dearest friends had to say goodbye to her sister after a long , hard battle with cancer. nothing really clears up our focus and reminds us to be thankful for every day and the people in our lives, like experiencing the death of a loved one or watching someone else deal with that.

 My heart is breaking for Kim and her family and I want so much to take some of their pain. I know that prayer is the best thing I can do for them right now and remembering almost the same situation in my own life reminds me that nothing can take the place of relationships….being able to tell a sister goodbye and know that you have “loved them well” as Julie put it today, is a huge comfort. Although we feel inadequate to even express any measure of help or comfort here and now, just knowing  that people love you and hurt for you is one of the ways that I think God makes himself real in our crisis times, so share your heart. 

As we all gather and celebrate thanksgiving, may we remember those who are struggling and hurting and may we all be more focused onthe people in our lives than we are on how the table looks or whether we forgot the cranberry sauce (i absolutely refuse to go to Kroger one more time).

God is good all the time and even when our hearts are sad or broken, He is there. Thank you Lord…


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