A great week

I had the wonderful opportunity to be involved in the Women’s Ministry National Leadership Forum this week at Lifeway and it was absolutely the best! There were women there from all over the country and I totally enjoyed getting to meet so many new friends. I want to offer major kudos to Chris, Paige, Darlene and the other Lifeway women who did so much to make the event happen. With over 800 people there–it was quite an accomplishment:)

 It seems as if the forum just gets better and better each year. I know that God spoke to me quite clearly about some things in my life and I’m sure he did a work in so many others’ as well. I am grateful to have opportunities like these because no one gets us women like us women…know what I mean??

Getting to meet and chat with some of the great authors that Lifeway works with was a treat as well as getting to hear a rhema from one of my favs Kay Arthur…she just rocks my world when she gets going….of course, its so much that I’m still processing all that now:)

I was also completely blessed by all the women from LHBC who were volunteers and helped make it happen. Ya’ll are the best and you served the Lord faithfully with a smile–I love you ladies!  For all the new people who I crossed paths with this week–consider this a big shout out to you–it was great to get to know you and to hear what God is doing in your ministries all over the US and Canada—keep the faith girls!

 If you got a Word this week…feel free to share it, I love hearing what God is doing in people’s lives.


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