too easy

it’s official..I am way too easy on myself sometimes, especially when it involves food, or sin (is there a pattern here?). so with that in mind I have now had to be very strict with myself as of yesterday (we’ll see how long i can make it). am I the only person who can follow a strict diet plan but then when the opportunity comes to be more flexible -I completely blow it? that drives me crazy about myself and I have noticed that when I’m living  a disciplined life that I’m disciplined in all areas and when I’m too easy on myself in some things then I tend to be undisciplined in lots of areas and way too easy on myself.

 It’s like when my attitude is “go ahead, chocolate is great for any meal” or “you deserve to eat whatever you want to whenever you want to” then I start to believe other lies like “that isn’t such a big deal” or “no one would blame you for thinking that or saying that” but the truth of the matter  that all my sin is a big deal and when I allow myself to buy into the lie that it isn’t then I’m heading for trouble.

 So, as of yesterday, no more nice guy for me…it’s time to be disciplined and I mean in everything.(oops, do you think that means I should get my house clean???)


One response to “too easy

  1. Hey Rachel! I just saw the link to your blog on Carrie’s. Hope you don’t mind I’m commenting :). But I just had to say “Yes! Yes! Yes!” to this post! Andrew and I have been doing WW for a few months now and we both have noticed more discipline in other areas of our lives (especially spiritually). It’s amazing how it can go hand-in-hand. SO true!!
    -Audrey 🙂 (let me know if you want to check out our blog, we have a privacy setting…)

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