Impressive List?

I decided to update and add to my blogroll list today so I found some of my favorites to visit and listed them (thanks sarah underhill and julie langmade for making that easier for me) anyway, one of the blogs I do check frequently is Living Proofs blog. I added it and then noticed that it’s first in the alpha listing. Too bad it’s not by people I really know and count as deep, close friends but it looks as if it could be. And you know, its funny but when you do Bible Study with people you just get to know them better on a deeper level, so I guess that means that since I have taken many of Beth’s studies she sort of is a friend??

Sorry bout that I’m messing around a little but the truth I’ve been thinking about and mulling over lately is tied to that goofy thought and its that I’m so thankful for the people in my life that I can talk “God” with. Have you noticed connections being deeper because they are laced with Scripture and what Priscilla called a ‘God consciousness’?


3 responses to “Impressive List?

  1. relationships are most definitely deeper when they are rooted in the lord. i have one relationship of over 15 years that gets deeper by the year because of that “God” talk. even a recent friend that god has brought my way is a deep rooted relationship because of the community that happens when we do life together. i’m forever indebted to those who walk this life with me!

  2. In Luke, Jesus describes His True Family. Luke 8:21 “My mother and brothers are those who hear God’s word and put it into practice.” Maybe that is why I never feel like family is so far. There is no better feeling than discussing and studying the Word of God with a friend. Could you think of anything better to talk (or text! about).

  3. hey! so glad you are back blogging! yay! what you are saying is soooo true…immediately i feel closer to women that i am studying the bible with…and whenever conversations start to revolve around him there is a level there that we can’t get to on our own…and then applying those truths in friendship is HUGE! thanks so much for taking care of me last night!!!! cannot tell you enough!!

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