Scary Stuff

I had the TV on this morning and saw some things that completely alarmed me. Promotional pieces for new shows that are all about the occult and supernatural happenings, there are shows about psychics and mediums and frankly that scares me. Maybe ‘scares’ isn’t the right word but alarmed sure is. I’m completely alarmed that our society is buying more and more into things that are so unchristian (as if all the Halloween hype isn’t enough). We have got to be careful to protect our children and families from the influence of things that are not from God and can actually give the devil a foothold into our homes.

Once we start to be entertained by something, its only a matter of time before we are completely desensitized to it.  I hate to see where we as a culture will go from here but I’m pretty sure it won’t be pretty.

rachel lovingood


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