too easy

it’s official..I am way too easy on myself sometimes, especially when it involves food, or sin (is there a pattern here?). so with that in mind I have now had to be very strict with myself as of yesterday (we’ll see how long i can make it). am I the only person who can follow a strict diet plan but then when the opportunity comes to be more flexible -I completely blow it? that drives me crazy about myself and I have noticed that when I’m living  a disciplined life that I’m disciplined in all areas and when I’m too easy on myself in some things then I tend to be undisciplined in lots of areas and way too easy on myself.

 It’s like when my attitude is “go ahead, chocolate is great for any meal” or “you deserve to eat whatever you want to whenever you want to” then I start to believe other lies like “that isn’t such a big deal” or “no one would blame you for thinking that or saying that” but the truth of the matter  that all my sin is a big deal and when I allow myself to buy into the lie that it isn’t then I’m heading for trouble.

 So, as of yesterday, no more nice guy for me…it’s time to be disciplined and I mean in everything.(oops, do you think that means I should get my house clean???)


Impressive List?

I decided to update and add to my blogroll list today so I found some of my favorites to visit and listed them (thanks sarah underhill and julie langmade for making that easier for me) anyway, one of the blogs I do check frequently is Living Proofs blog. I added it and then noticed that it’s first in the alpha listing. Too bad it’s not by people I really know and count as deep, close friends but it looks as if it could be. And you know, its funny but when you do Bible Study with people you just get to know them better on a deeper level, so I guess that means that since I have taken many of Beth’s studies she sort of is a friend??

Sorry bout that I’m messing around a little but the truth I’ve been thinking about and mulling over lately is tied to that goofy thought and its that I’m so thankful for the people in my life that I can talk “God” with. Have you noticed connections being deeper because they are laced with Scripture and what Priscilla called a ‘God consciousness’?

Scary Stuff

I had the TV on this morning and saw some things that completely alarmed me. Promotional pieces for new shows that are all about the occult and supernatural happenings, there are shows about psychics and mediums and frankly that scares me. Maybe ‘scares’ isn’t the right word but alarmed sure is. I’m completely alarmed that our society is buying more and more into things that are so unchristian (as if all the Halloween hype isn’t enough). We have got to be careful to protect our children and families from the influence of things that are not from God and can actually give the devil a foothold into our homes.

Once we start to be entertained by something, its only a matter of time before we are completely desensitized to it.  I hate to see where we as a culture will go from here but I’m pretty sure it won’t be pretty.

rachel lovingood

Last Weekend

I had the best time this past weekend. One of my friends in ministry, (I see her once a year when our hubbys are at a conference) invited me to come and share with a group of youth ministers’ wives at a retreat…it was such a great time. The wives there were from all different kinds of churches and they were so cute and young, did i mention young? Apparently life has caught up with me a bit and now I am considered the ‘older woman’ from the Bible:)

 Now don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled to be used by God and encouraging women who are just starting out in ministry is a passion of mine, even if it means a reality check for me.  Shelly, Kristy and Misty who did all the work to get the retreat together did a fantastic job and I know all the ladies “felt the love”–I did. I so appreciate them seeing a vision for this event and taking the time to work it out because sometimes the women behind the men need to be encouraged and when those same women are overlooked then ministries suffer.

To any who read this that are wives in ministry–know that you are loved and appreciated. To those who aren’t–thank you for the ways that you encourage us and support us. I have been so blessed to have people in my life who pray for me and lift me up…may I never miss an opportunity to do the same:)