not enough sense to come in out of the rain?

this morning when i went out to sit on the porch and watch Riley get on the bus…something was strange..i was getting wet from little drops of water and it actually took me a minute to realize that it was raining…thank you Lord for that rain! and i really did just sit down and let it rain on me for a few minutes. it felt good and it has just been so long since we have felt rain that i thought i might as well enjoy it a bit. guess i don’t have enough sense to come in out of the rain huh?

unfortunately that rain didn’t last too long, and we really need more, but I’ve thought about it a couple of times today and wondered if my neighbors thought it was strange that I would sit out there, in my pj’s, in the rain (although they don’t have room to talk one of them was watering the grass during the rain:) I think I’m the same way spiritually right now…its been a great summer and with school starting back, i just keep feeling like I need to sit in the rain and let God pour down His spirit on me…the great thing is that when you and I place ourselves in the position for Him to ‘rain down’ on us–He will!

isn’t it fantastic that even when there is drought in the land, there doesn’t have to be drought in our souls? I keep remembering the youth camp theme this summer and the slogan was “when He reigns, He pours” which means that any drought  I experience spiritually is most likely a result of my taking control instead of surrendering to Him…like David preached Sunday…”we don’t need to try harder to live godly lives, we need to surrender more”….just a thought…


One response to “not enough sense to come in out of the rain?

  1. As one of your neighbors I did happen to see you sitting praying one day after the bus had picked up Riley. As I was in my house dumping a laundry basket to find something “clean enough” to wear, yelling at the kids, chasing the dog, making a lunch…I passed a window in my house and saw you sitting there. So peaceful. So calm. So relaxed. It stopped me in my tracks. It was by far the prettiest thing I had seen in a long time. I find it ironic that you mentioned “i wonder what the neigbors think when..” It is a shame we don’t see it more often. I know prayer is personal and private, but compared to all the things we see on a daily basis on the news, on tv, picking up our kids, at games…wouldn’t it make all our days a little better to see that Our Father is being worshiped. That everyone can have a minute of calmness in a busy life if we just stop and pray no matter who we think might be watching.

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