Think before you speak?

Remember when you were younger and your mom would say “Now, think before you speak because once a word is spoken it can’t be taken back” or you would get the advice that your words were a powerful witness and you should be careful not to give people a wrong impression of you by what you said?  That’s all good advice but what about when the rules change and no one tells you?

 You see, that happened to me recently. I have always been around teenagers so I try to stay current with what phrases are new and when old phrases or words that used to be cool are now completely not cool, but things just get by me. So this morning I was taking my daughter and her friend home from cross country practice (what’s up with running lots of miles early in the morning??) and I made a comment about school starting soon and everyone”getting busy”. I of course was talking about more full schedules and homework etc, but Kelsey looked at me and said “Mom, don’t say that again” I was like “Why?” she just rolled her eyes (can you picture that?) and her friend said, very sweetly, “Ms. Rachel, i think what Kelsey means is that what you said is not exactly what that means anymore” …I asked more questions and found out that I definitely shouldn’t use that phrase anymore, suffice it to say that you do not want your kids ‘gettin busy’….and I informed the girls that i was counting on them to keep me in the loop a little better from now on, so throughout the day I have been catching up on what is and isn’t okay to say now and the thing that is happening is that I’m getting frustrated because completely innocent and good words and phrases are now not acceptable…I mean what is wrong with this picture???

 I guess it’s a good wake up call for me to never get too comfortable and lax because this world and our culture is constantly changing and although we don’t have to buy into what the world is selling so to speak we do need to be aware so that our lives can continue to be different—you know in the world but not of it…it’s getting harder all the time but it’s worth it…because people notice and then God is glorified….my brain hurts just thinking about needing to think that much but I’ll survive-hopefully with a minimum of mishaps:) 


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