Good Friends

I know…don’t freak out- 2 posts in one day..but I finally have some time and my computer out of my kids hands for a change..this may be too much but I’m just thinking about something else that happened today and how grateful I am about it…some old friends came to see us from when we lived in Tampa..these were the kind of friends that we could drop by their house and hang out or the ones we called when we had to take Riley to the hospital or even ones we can call and say “hey we’re coming for a visit can we stay with you?”..really good friends and they have never failed to encourage us and be there for us no matter what was happening or where we moved to…

 the deal is this…I’m so grateful to God that He has continually put people like Jack and Dianna in our lives and even though we live far away they are the kind of people who pray for us and love us no matter what…don’t we all need more people like that in our lives?? Then later i was hanging out with my neighbor and we can just do nothing and be ourselves and talk about anything honestly and that ministers to my soul also…God has truly blessed me with these people and so many more like them…my challenge to you is to appreciate the people in your life and celebrate the relationships you have and make the most of them today:)


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