Back Home

I recently, as in 2 days ago, had the privilege to go back to my home church in Cleveland, Tennessee to speak at a Mother Daughter event. I always love to get back to Cleveland and Kelsey, my 14 yr old, went with me so we intended to make a fun day of it starting with lunch at my favorite restaurant, Jenkins Deli. They have the best chicken salad sandwich ever and my mother in law and my friend that’s like a sister-Cassie met us there. We ate…and ate…and then headed out to a couple of fun stores i like to check out when I’m back there. As we were getting out of the car I realized that I had left my bag with my Bible and all my notes for the event at home, 3 hours away. So here i was to speak and didn’t even have a Bible with me, not a good beginning. And you know how it is when you go back home, you really want to do a good job–not looking so good for me.

Well, kelsey and I sort of ccracked up that I had done that and then we shopped a little while trying to figure out how to overcome this issue. We called home and no one was there, of course, so we hit on the idea of calling my neighbor Trish. She is a problem solver if ever there was one and we have developed such a good friendship in the past year. Sure enough, although she wasn’t home at the time, she said when she got there she would be glad to help me out. So a little later, after buying a new notebook to write in, Tish got into my house through the garage, thank heavens for keypad entry, and she found my notes and everything I needed right where I left them. After trying to decipher my handwriting, I had worked on it in the car on a long trip so it was rough to say the least, Trish hit on the brilliant notion of emailing me the notes at our friends’ house and thus the evening was saved.

I was so touched by the people  who came to the event who I had known either growing up or later when Jeff and I served at that church. It’s a bit humbling to speak to a crowd of people who knew you “when” and who still love you. I guess that’s what it’s all about when you think of ‘doing life together’ its all about being real and authentic and not pretending to be something you aren’t and pitching in to save the day when your neighbor forgets things or needs rescuing for some reason. Gotta love a good neighbor:)