will i ever get it?

Well, after resolving to be more up to date with my blog, I have once again waited several days before posting. Now, I have thought of several things to write about but I have been on a trip and couldn’t get to my computer.


I have to wonder if I will ever become a ‘natural’ at this. Maybe I’m too old? (don’t comment on that please) but I did crack up last week when I saw a comment a friend had made on my blog and my first inclination was to call her on the phone and talk about what her comments. Does that move me out of the blogging generation or what? I realize that the younger generation would carry on a cyber conversation and I’m getting there (slowly) but I will persevere.


I guess its just like anything else we try and learn or make a part of our lives, even spiritually speaking, when we consciously focus on changing our behaviors, it is possible… What do you think? Call me…or better yet, comment… rachel


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