American Idol or Burma?

I just received a break point from Chuck Colson,,about a group of Christians in Burma who are being systematically wiped out by their governing forces. It’s terrible to think about that kind of persecution happening in our world today, but the sad fact of the matter is that it is true and that’s not the only example.

The thing that challenged, and convicted me, is where Chuck says “Much of what is done in places like Burma is made possible because the world’s attention is diverted. Tyrants count on our being more interested in American Idol than in genocide when they formulate things like the Burmese “Program.” Ouch. I have to ask myself, when was the last time I paid much attention to what is going on around the world? Or “Am I really more concerned about what’s happening on American Idol, which I watched last night, than I am in the lives of believers facing persecution?” Now, I’m not suggesting that we all boycott popular TV shows, but maybe we need to pull our heads form the sands of American idyllic living and pay attention to what is going on elsewhere. We can pray, we can study issues and petition our political leaders and we can be a voice. Not to mention that we can be even more thankful than ever for the freedoms we enjoy here and work to make sure that they are taken away from us, because, we can’t fool ourselves that we are immune.

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