Election Day

It’s election day and I am so relieved. Living in Tennessee with a hotly contested senate race means that we have been inundated with campaign ads and phone calls. One commercial convinces you that this man is the one for the job while the very next ad describes how that same man is a liar and will ruin our country. They are all different and yet there is one thing that is the same with these commercials and radio spots- at the end there is a tag line that says ” I’m ______________ and I approved this message.”

Hearing that phrase over and over got me thinking about how my life is a message to the world about who God is. As Christians, we are called to live our lives as imitators of Christ and in such a way that we are a positive witness to people around us. If I want people to know I’m a believer and I have a relationship with Jesus, then everything I say and do reflects on Him.

As I make decisions and have conversations throughout my days, am I choosing to live in such a way that is consistent with what I believe and the Bible instructs me to live? Can I honestly say “I’m Rachel Lovingood and I approved this message” about my life today? or better yet, would Jesus Himself approve the message of my life?

Because like it or not, our lives are a testimony and an advertisement to the world….will they want what we’ve got???