Forget something?

I went to play tennis the other day with my team and things were going great…until it started getting hot. I reached up to serve the ball and got a whiff of something not too pleasant. Imagine my shock when I realized that the unpleasant smell was me. I must have forgotten to put on any deodorant that day. How did I forget an item that important to me, and my friends?

Now, I might not have noticed the oversight if it hadn’t gotten so hot and I hadn’t exerted myself to the point of sweating. I thought back to my morning and realized that I did some things out of order and in the process of getting out the door, I missed a vital part of my preparation.

Sometimes I do the same thing spiritually…I get busy or distracted with things in the morning and overlook my quiet time and I may not notice until the heat turns up and I start to react in the flesh instead of under the control of the Holy Spirit…I need to be as disciplined about my spiritual preparation each day as I am about my hygiene…maybe more so!

What about you? DO you ever leave the house unprepared in the morning without taking time to commit your day to the Lord and ask Him to be in control?

Romans 8:6 says “The mind of sinful man is death, but the mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace”…are you living today in the Spirit?… it’s your choice