Confessions of a hair don’t

Someone complimented me on my hair today and although that is unusual, it wouldn’t necessarily be worthy of commenting on except that it took me back a few months to when I went to see my hairdresser. I sat down and she began to comb out my overgrown, overdue for something hair. I watched in the mirror and was compelled to actually apologize to her for how bad it looked. My hair was completely hideous and it was all my fault. The dark brown roots, liberally sprinkled with gray, hung down a few, ok several, inches and below all that, frizzy, outgrown and what could only be called, brassy, blonde hair straggled past my shoulders in every direction.

“How did it get this bad?” I wondered, “I mean, I know I’ve been busy and I had a foot injury, and we moved into a new house, but those are no excuses for the shape my hiar was in. What started outas few highlights to brighten my face, had morphed into a completely fake blonde lower half of my hair. And though there is nothing wrong with highlights or hair color in general, I have to wonder if I do the same thing spiritually. Maybe I try to gloss over something in my life instead of dealing with it and then I “highlight” a few fake attitudes and spray into place some trite phrases so that people will be impressed by the ‘spiritual do’ I’m sporting when what I really need to do is get to the root of the problem and let God deal with my stuff, gray and all.

That day, we decided to go back to my natural hair color, minus the gray, and just sprinkle in a few highlights for emphasis-to bring out what God had already given me. Come to think of it, isn’t that what we all need to do? spiritually speaking…work with what God has given us, use the positives and negatives for His glory–let people see and know the real us? and of course the greatest lesson of all—don’t wait too long between those hair appointments!


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